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Kringla Bakeri og Kafe Menu

If you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe menu is sure to please.  Choose from kringlas, cream-filled pastry horns, lefse and much more.

Salmon and Egg Sandwich  8.49  Smoked Salmon and Egg

Norwegian Club  8.49  Ham, Turkey, Bacon and Jarlsberg and Muenster Cheese with fresh Tomatoes, Sliced Red Onion, and Lingonberry Mayonnaise on toasted Multigrain Bread

Ham and Apple Sandwich  7.49  Ham, Apple, and Jarlsberg and Muenster Cheese with a Sweet Apple Chutney on toasted Multigrain Bread

Roast Beef Sandwich  8.49  Roast Beef and Jarlsberg

Vegetable Torte  5.99  with Roasted Mushrooms, Spinach, Potatoes, Jarlsberg and Muenster Cheese

Salmon Sandwich  7.19

Smuckers Uncrustables Sandwich 5.49  includes Grapes, Carrot Sticks, and choice Milk or Water


Fruit Cup  3.79

Salad  4.39


Rice Cream  2.49  Rice Pudding topped with Strawberry Sauce

Cinnamon Roll  3.19

Troll Horn  3.39  Cloudberry Jam with Whipped Cream in a Crispy Pastry Sugar-coated Shell

School Bread  2.69  Sweet Cardamom Bun filled with Vanilla Crème Custard and topped with Glazed and Toasted Coconuts

Lefse 1.99  Potato Flatbread rolled with a Sweet Cinnamon Butter

Verdens Beste  3.99  Rum Cake with Custard and Almond Meringue topping

Rullekake  3.99  Yellow Cake layered with fresh Raspberry filling and Powdered Sugar

Sweet Pretzel with Chocolate  4.69  A sweet Raisin Pretzel glazed with Icing and Chocolate

Sweet Pretzel with Almonds  4.69  A sweet Raisin Pretzel glazed with Icing and Toasted Almonds

Berry Cream Puff  4.29  Puff Pastry filled with Whipped Cream and Fresh Berries

Viking Chocolate Mousse 4.19  Chocolate Mousse with Ganache

Chocolate-Chip Cookie  2.59

No Sugar Added Chocolate Mousse  3.99

Gjetost Cheesecake  3.99

Cheesecake  3.99

Chocolate Mousse Cake  4.29

Pear Almond Tart  3.99

Waffles  2.79

Worms in Dirt  2.29

Bundt Cake  3.99

Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Muffin  3.09

Baileys and Coffee  7.50 Flavored with Baileys Irish Cream

Viking Coffee  8.75  Flavored with Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream

Carlsberg Draft Beer  8.25

Cabernet Sauvignon  6.25

White Zinfandel  5.17

Chardonnay  6.25

Cinnamon Hot Cocoa  2.29

Linie Aquavit Glacier Shot  8.50

Iced Coffee 4.49  French Vanilla, Mocha or Latte



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