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Restaurant Marrakesh Menu

The Restaurant Marrakesh menu offers an authentic selections of Moroccan specialties and Mediterranean delights ranging from Cous Cous to Roast Lamb to Chicken Kabobs. Be transported to the heart of Morocco with the authentic belly dancing performance during the meal.

Moroccan Appetizers Combination For Two

Harira Appetizers

Beef Brewat Rolls

Seafood Bastilla

Chicken Bastilla

Goat Cheese with Crispy Bread for Two

Mussels Casablanca for Two

Assorted Mediterranean Appetizers for Two

Cous Cous with Beef

Cous Cous with Chicken

Cous Cous with a Lamb Shank

Cous Cous with Vegetables

Couscous M’Rouzia Fassi

Shish Kebab

Roast Lamb Meshoui

Lemon Chicken

Chicken Kebabs

Mogador Fish Tagine

Taste of Morocco – Marrakesh Feast

Taste of Morocco – Royal Feast

Bastilla – for one or two

Marrakesh Delight

Moroccan Symphony

Kid’s Meals

Watermelon Delight Fruit Cocktail

Moroccan Sunrise

Chicken Tenders


Morrocan Style Pasta

Ice Cream



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