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Katsura Grill Menu

Enjoy traditional Japanese dishes from the Katsura Grill menu such as sushi, Teriyaki and Tempura.  The counter service restaurant sides up on the tranquil hillside and has indoor and outdoor seating.  

California Roll 8.99

Spicy Tuna Roll 9.50

Tokyo Sushi Combo 9.99 4 pcs. California Roll & 3 pcs. Nigiri

Vegetable Roll 7.99

Udon 8.99

Beef Udon 10.99

Tempura Shrimp Udon 10.99

Japanese Curry Udon 9.99

Teriyaki Chicken 9.99 Dark Meat, served with Steamed Rice and Vegetables

Teriyaki Beef 10.99 Thinly Sliced, served with Steamed Rice and Vegetables

Teriyaki Salmon 12.99 Broiled Fillet, served with Steamed Rice and Vegetables

Tonosama Combo 12.99 Teriyaki Beef, Chicken, and Salmon

Shogun Combo 11.99 Teriyaki Beef and Chicken

Japanese Curry Rice 9.99 Spicy Curry Sauce with Beef, Onions, Carrots, and Potatoes over rice

Chicken Cutlet Curry 12.99 fried Cutlet, topped with Beef Curry served over rice

Miso Soup 2.99

Side Salad 3.99

Edamame 3.99

Steamed Vegetables 2.50

Rice 2.00

Cookie 2.50

Green Tea Cheese Cake 4.50

Ice Cream 3.99 Green Tea, Azuki, Strawberry

Sake 6.47 hot or cold

Plum Wine 6.47

Kirin Draft Beer 7.99

Kirin Light Beer 6.00

Iced Green Tea 2.59

Green Tea 2.59

Kid’s Menu

Teriyaki Chicken 7.50 with Rice and Vegetables


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