Oh No! You’re Sick While on a Disney Vacation!! Now what?

So, you saved, planned, and you’ve finally made it to your much anticipated Disney vacation! 


You’re just one day into the trip, you have a feverish, coughing, and wiped-out child, and you are secretly saying, “There is no way.  How could this have happened?  I’ve spent how much money for this?”  Okay, you’re probably thinking other things as well, but as a good parent, you’re now feeling as if the entire vacation is now obliterated by some nasty, unseen virus that has succeeded in some evil plot to make your lives miserable and shatter your hopes of feeling the magic and wonder.  Yes, I have been there, too!  Every single family vacation to Disney for our family has resulted in someone becoming very sick, and not just one of the kids.  On one visit, it was all of us!  On another, it was my husband, and he had to stay back and rest while I took the kids to the Parks.  I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but from stomach bugs, to strep, to upper respiratory viruses with high temperatures – – we’ve been hit with quite a bit while on a Disney vacation.  Sometimes, it just cannot be avoided.  So what does one do?

It’s no wonder many kids, and adults, get sick while on a Disney vacation.  The prime times to travel are during school vacations, and those usually happen during the fall, winter or spring breaks – – times when all sorts of illnesses are running rampant.  Disney is fully prepared for this, and they have had plenty of practice in caring for their guests under all kinds of circumstances.  If you suspect someone in your family is not feeling well, each of the Parks has a First Aid Center which is staffed with a nurse during normal operating hours of that Park.  They carry over-the-counter medications, bandages, etc., for the minor issues, but will quickly determine if you, or your child, need further care.   If this should happen while at your Resort, you only need to visit/call the front desk.

In the event that you are in need of further care, they will contact complimentary transportation for pick up at your Resort, or take you to a “secret” location for pick up if you are at the Parks, and whisk you away to one of the 24 hour Walk-in Medical Centers.  My family has become quite familiar with the doctors and staff at these centers, and from personal experience, they have all been wonderful!  What was even better was that they had the required antibiotic or anti-nausea medication right there.  I’m not sure how, but I am certain the medication they dispense contains Pixie Dust!  I have had a four year old child with a bad case of strep, running around as if it never happened, within 24 hours.  Even if they do not have the proper medication on hand, you will have transportation back to your Resort, and your medication will be delivered to the front desk of your Resort.  Most insurance is accepted, and they handle all of the stress in making sure things are handled with your insurance.

You may ask what you can do to prepare for such a situation?  Outside of normal hand washing, sanitizing, rest, and bombarding your system with vitamin C, I recommend packing the essential “go to” medications.  Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for both adults and children, stomach issue medications, and over-the-counter ear drops to keep those ear canals dry from all the swimming.  If you should require other medications that require refrigeration, the First Aid Centers have those available for guests, as well.

Not that you would really want to be sick while at Disney, but all things considered, I don’t think I’d want to be sick any other place.  They make it far easier to care for ill family members than if you were to do so at home!  Not to mention the magic and comfort of being sick in the most Magical or Happiest Places on Earth!  It’s enough to motivate anyone to feel better quickly.  If you want to put it into perspective, Disney is a family destination with thousands of visitors every day.  They will ensure that their guests are happy, healthy, and thoroughly enjoying that vacation so they will return, or even recommend a visit to friends and family.  There is a good reason why Disney destinations are so popular, and the care for their guests is one they pride themselves on, and go to great lengths to make happen.

Debbie Benson

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