Epcot World Showcase Italy Pavilion

Epcot Italy pavilion

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A visit to the Epcot World Showcase offers a glimpse into the history and culture of other countries we may or may not travel to in our lifetime, and all without a passport.  Let’s take a brief look at the Italy Pavilion, shall we?

My family immigrated to America from Italy during the early decades of the 20th century. Both my paternal and my maternal Great Grandparents left their families behind and came through Ellis Island, New York, to start a better life for themselves and the generations to come after them.

italy pavilion fountain

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Fast forward a century later, and here we all are. Living and thriving in a new country scarcely knowing anything about our brave ancestors, their journey across the ocean, or the homeland they left behind.

That is one reason I love Walt Disney World’s Epcot World Showcase. It gives all of us a chance to visit countries we may never have traveled to before or to see acutely accurate replicas of world landmarks. For my family, the Italy pavilion gives us the opportunity to do just that and to experience a small taste of the “motherland” our ancestors left behind.

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I truly love the Italy pavilion and everything encompassed within it. There is atmosphere, there is shopping, there is entertainment (check your Park guide, as entertainment changes frequently), and of course, there is food. (You can never go wrong with the food.)

Sergio Italy Pavilion

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Situated between Germany and America, the Italy pavilion greets Guests with grand Italian architecture. As Stephen Miller said on the Disney Parks Blog, “At the entrance to Italy Pavilion stands a replica of St. Mark’s Campanile (or bell tower) and a recreation of Doge’s Palace. It’s an iconic sight from across World Showcase lagoon that immediately transports you to Venice.”

Doges Palace Italy Pavilion

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It is a grand and stunning entrance for sure. One that will have guests posing and taking pictures all the while marveling and wondering how Disney copied the buildings so accurately. One of my favorite parts about the “atmosphere” of Italy is the horticulture. The pots and plantings in this pavilion are beautiful and housed in stunning Italian pottery. Visit during the Epcot Garden and Flower Festival to see Lady and the Tramp in topiary form!

Italy pavilion topiaries

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