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Whispering Canyon Cafe

IMG_6397It’s been a little while since my last blog. You’re wondering where I have been, right? Well, I have been at Walt Disney World having a blast, taking pictures – 1,973 pictures to be exact – and eating delicious food. One day during our visit, we decided to leave the parks to go check out the Wilderness Lodge, a place we have not stayed yet nor have we visited.  We found ourselves relaxing on one of the many couches taking in all the fabulous architecture and especially the air conditioning. As I lay there relaxing, I posted a picture of the lobby on my Facebook page and a friend from high school chimed in that this was his favorite place to stay and how he loved dining at the Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Ahhh, it was located right behind me but it was so quiet – not a guest to be found. This must be some quiet little dining experience that is enjoyable at the end of a long day in the parks. Right? Not quite.  My friend says to dine there….and ask for ketchup.  Hmmm….ketchup.  I am not a fan of ketchup so I wonder what that is all about.  Enter another friend on FB who says in all caps – “DON’T ASK FOR IMG_6740THE KETCHUP.”  Now these guys have piqued my interest so I make reservations for breakfast the morning we are set to leave and go home.

The Whispering Canyon Cafe is no ordinary place.  It is a rootin’ tootin’ good time and it gets loud – just like the sign warns – but that is what makes it so fun.  We are told our server, Tootsie Pop will be right with us and the next thing I know cocktail napkins are being flung across our table and there she is Tootsie.  No kidding, she looks just like she stepped out of the movie Tootsie.  Linda is a real name and she is a real doll.  She pulls up a chair and joins us for a chat as if she has known us our whole lives.  She looks at my daughter and says “yea I know, you want a milkshake” and turns to me and says “and you want a mimosa”.    Spot on, Tootsie!

IMG_6731After she arrives with our morning drinks, she wants to know if we are going to be “little piggies” and have the all you care to enjoy breakfast.  Sure – bring it on!  As we are enjoying our scenery, one of the servers screams across the dining hall for “KETCHUP” and this is when the fun begins!  It’s hilarious!  From the other  side of the dining hall another server responds loudly “YEAH I NEED TO CATCH UP!” and all of a sudden there is chaos and yelling between the servers and then a large tray of ketchup, actual bottles of Ketchup are being delivered to a table!  These bottles remain on your table until the next guest requests ketchup and then your whole table has to deliver the ketchup to those who request it.  It’s so funny and you can’t wait to join in.

IMG_6727In the meantime as we wait for our food and take in the funny escapades all around the cafe, the music starts and there is a parade of people on stick ponies.  My child joins in on the fun and parades around the restaurant with a huge smile on her face riding high on her pony.  Ok she has to ride high because the pony is only about 3 feet tall!  The funniest part is she thought she was too old to do it but there were adults joining in on the fun as well.

IMG_6728So much going on in just the hour we are in there.  Are you wondering where our food is?  We are not even thinking about our food at this point because we are having so much fun.  But here it comes….this large tray of delicious breakfast.  All you can eat at that.  Mickey waffles, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage…yes, please!  Feed me, Seymour!  It looks great – but don’t touch it yet because this blogger has to have a picture of it!  May I have some ketchup, please Tootsie?  And it starts all over again!

As I am snapping a picture of our yummy breakfast, Jeff, the server at the next table over rolls his eyes and says, “You gotta be a foodie?”  To which I respond, “No, I am a blogger” and then he proceeds to offer a sip of my mimosa to the guests at his table.  Ummm….NO, funny guy, I will share a lot of things but my mimosa is not one of them!

As we are enjoying the delectable array of wonderful breakfast treats that magically continue to multiply at our table, Jeff is standing before us and he starts stacking our ketchup bottles into a pyramid.  Hmmm…..I ask him if I may take a picture of him for my blog.  He asks me if he may get some props before I take his picture.  Ok, what is this guy up to???  He comes back a couple of minutes later with something behind his back piquing my curiosity and before I know it he is posing for what has become my favorite picture of this trip.  Now considering that I have taken a total of 1,973 shots in 5 days this must be something special, right?  Exactly!  Here is Jeff – he’s funny, witty and creative and I offer him a huge thanks for giving me this pose and a smile for the rest of the day! It doesn’t get any better than this! How did he know that I was a fan of the Mickey ears?IMG_6734

I highly recommend the Whispering Canyon Cafe. Not only is it fun and entertaining but the food is great too. This is my new go-to place at the Walt Disney World Resort and one that I will make a tradition of dining at during every visit.  Make sure that you say hi to Jeff and Tootsie for me.  I am sure that they are making memories for guests everyday – I know they both gave me an experience I will never forget!



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