Jul 19

Toy Story Land is Welcoming New Guests!!!!

Since The Toy Story movies are some of my favorite Pixar movies, I was so excited to be attending opening day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on June 30th, 2018. Luckily, It just happened to align with an already booked Disney vacation. My friends and I talked about our strategy for the big day. We planned on leaving our room at The Polynesian bright and early no later than 5:00 a.m.that morning. We had a car so we didn’t worry if Disney buses would be running that early (turns out they WERE!).

As we approached Disney Studios, we soon found out we weren’t the only ones with the same strategy! Despite cars pouring in to the parking lot, we were able to park relatively close and just walked to the entrance. I was surprised how fast they got us through the bag check and right past the ticket booth is where the crowd had gathered from the left side all the way to the right side. It was a fun and jovial crowd, not to mention THEMED! Many people were dressed like their favorite Toy Story character.  Some of the kids had spread out blankets and were playing cards. It was already quite warm this morning but we didn’t care, we just wanted to get in to Toy Story Land!

We started noticing the crowd moving forward and sure enough shortly thereafter they made an announcement that Toy Story Land was open and ready for guests! “Be prepared to feel like a toy as you enter Andy’s backyard!” We all walked swiftly towards this incredibly-themed new land. Excitement was building as we entered and before we knew it, we spotted Woody tipping his hat to us! We immediately were met with the end of the line for Slinky Dog Dash! It appeared to be long at that point but once the queue opened, it moved rather quickly. We were through the line and on and off the ride by 7:00 a.m.!

Prior to this day, I had only ridden the ride “virtually” at an event that I was invited to. I can honestly say, riding it in person was nothing short of amazing! It is such a smooth coaster and faster than I thought it would be! The seats are very comfortable and plenty of room for 2 people to sit comfortably. I was so surprised how fast and long it was and the little bunny hop hills at the end did not disappoint. What a fun ride, especially at the end when Wheezy is singing to you. I ended up riding it a couple more times that week, including at night which is a totally different experience!

We did not experience Alien Swirling Saucers at that point, we were on a hunt for the Alien Popcorn Buckets and were told they were available for purchase just outside the land. We soon found them at the popcorn stand across from the old Toy Story Mania entrance.   I bought an extra one to keep my new Alien company! We did hear later they sold out that day but more were coming in. We noticed when we left the land that they were limiting the access to a certain amount of people at a time so as not to overcrowd the land, as it is small in area and the only way out is the same way you go in. It did bottleneck somewhat at the entrance/exit point. We are hoping that will change once Galaxy’s Edge opens. Speaking of Galaxy’s Edge, be sure to notice its construction while riding Slinky Dog Dash! (Later in the week, we went back to ride the Alien Swirling Saucers and had such a fun time! Those things really move you around and are so much fun!)

After purchasing our Aliens, we took a walk around the Studios and noticed the line entry for Slinky Dog was now at the Chinese Theater and was now at 300 minutes! We were so glad that we got up early that day and rode it in the first hour of opening. We had reservations for lunch at Hollywood and Vine so we did not get to experience Woody’s Lunchbox so we will save that for another trip in a couple months. We did make it back later in the week to experience Toy Story Land at night and it was a whole other way to see it. We were pleasantly surprised to see the wait times were not nearly as bad as we thought they’d be. My friends rode Slinky Dog with a 210 minute wait but the actual wait time turned out to be 75 minutes. Well worth it, especially at night!

Toy Story Land is such a welcomed new addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The great thing about it is, it is wonderful for all ages of the family. You really DO feel like you’re shrunk to the size of a toy! The detail is absolutely incredible and if you’re like me, most of these details are wonderful reminders of your childhood or your children’s days as a child. Also, the new entry to Toy Story Mania is nice and those wait times are lower than ever! I cannot wait to experience Toy Story Land again in a couple months!

INSIDER TIP: If you’re not lucky enough to get a fast pass at exactly 60 days at 7:00 am, be sure to be at the park an hour before opening and head straight to Toy Story Land. If you’ve never been there before, at the end of Hollywood Blvd, you will want to make a right down the ramp or steps and then an immediate left. At that point, just follow the crowds and soon you, too, will see Woody tipping his hat to you! Have a blast! ~Donna Sharick~

Jun 15

Ready….Set…..BOOK! Your 2019 Walt Disney World trip, that is!

If you go to Disney every year like we do, you must be getting excited that the 2019 Walt Disney  Travel Company Package Rates will be released on Tuesday, June 19th!~!~!~!

More than any year that I can even remember,  2019 is going to be the year to go to Walt Disney World!  Toy Story Land is opening in two weeks and it will still be wildly popular well in to the new year! Of course, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and we can’t forget Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway….all brand new lands and attractions you will want to be sure to experience!

My advice for 2019 is BOOK EARLY because that will give you the best choice of your resort and availability.   Of course, we always recommend having a travel agent handle those busy details for you!  Whether you book your vacation yourself or have our official travel agency, Dreams by Design Travel, book it for you, you are paying the same price! In fact, by booking online with Disney or over the phone, a commission is built in to the price so you are paying for a service you don’t receive!  Dreams by Design charges NO FEES for their CONCIERGE SERVICE! Always Book your Disney vacation with a Disney Earmarked Agency!

Dreams by Design Travel is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner!  We have been given this special designation by The Walt Disney Travel Company because we have demonstrated a high level of service and expertise that our clients know and have come to expect! Let us SHOW YOU!                        ~DONNA~






May 31

Lost Something While at Disney? Now it’s Easier than EVER to get it back!

Disney now has a new way to report your lost items while visiting their parks!

Via Disney Parks Blog

A day at Walt Disney World Resort is sure to be adventurous and filled with fun, but sometimes in all that excitement it can be easy to lose track of your personal belongings. That’s why Disney is introducing an online tool to make it even easier and more convenient for you to report lost items.

Did you know if you lose something in one of the parks, water parks, Disney Springs, ESPN Wide World of Sports or on Disney transportation, you can now visit DisneyWorld.com/lostandfound, input information about your lost item, and then Disney will  do the searching for you? They can even send you periodic updates on the search right to your email address, whether you’re still visiting Walt Disney World Resort or have already returned home.  If you lose something at your resort, you are asked to contact your resort directly so they can check there for you.

All it takes is a few simple clicks on any smart device, to get the search started. It’s so easy, it’s like magic!

  • Step 1: Visit DisneyWorld.com/lostandfound to get started.
  • Step 2: Enter information about your lost item.
  • Step 3: Fill in your contact information and click submit!

Have additional questions? Disney cast members are always happy to help and more information is available at DisneyWorld.com/lostandfound.

I think this is a great enhancement to the Lost and Found process!     ~Donna~


Mar 14


This has just been released from The Walt Disney World Resort!

Effective for reservations made March 21, 2018 and thereafter, standard overnight self-parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to their hotel folio upon check-out. All parking fees include applicable tax.

Standard Overnight Parking charges per Resort Category:

Disney Value Resorts: $13 per night
Disney Moderate Resorts: $19 per night
Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts: $24 per night

Complimentary standard parking is available to Guests staying at Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Each campsite provides parking space for one (1) motorized vehicle.

Valet Parking:
Valet Parking is available at select Disney Deluxe Resorts and Disney Deluxe Villas for $33 per night (sales tax included).

Guests with Disabilities
Designated parking areas are available throughout Walt Disney World Resort for Guests with disabilities. A valid disability parking permit is required.

Disney Vacation Club:
Members will not be charged for standard overnight self-parking when staying at a DVC Deluxe Villa, regardless of whether they use vacation points or another form of payment. Members also will not be charged to park when using vacation points to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

Day Guests:
Complimentary standard self-parking is available while enjoying select dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation experiences at Disney Resort hotels.

Nov 08

Christmas at Disney Resorts


If you ask me, ANY time is a great time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort, but Christmas time is unlike any other at the most magical place on Earth. Nowhere is this more evident than at the resort hotels on Disney property. While all the Disney hotels decorate to some degree, there are certain ones that stand out as especially beautiful and festive! They give a whole new meaning to “Haul out the Holly!”

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